Whitford – Nonstick Coatings


Whitford – Nonstick Coatings

Whitford Corporation is a leading global manufacturer of a wide variety of nonstick coatings that are used in many industries including food, medical, aerospace, oil & gas, among others. Many of these coatings are used in high performance components where both the coating and the coating application need to be exceptional. As a method to point original equipment manufacturers towards qualified coating applicators, Whitford created the Whitford Recommended Coater or WRC program. To be a member of WRC program, coaters must meet stringent requirements set by Whitford, including attendance at a Whitford training program, maintaining strict application procedures, and verifying quality and consistency of coating with quality controls.

Southwest Impreglon is a Whitford Recommended Coater and regularly applies Xylan coatings for demanding applications.



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