Aluminum Slurry Coatings

Aluminum Slurry Coatings are a common description for AlsealĀ©, CeralĀ© and SermagardĀ© Coatings. Southwest Impreglon applies these aluminum slurry coating systems to provide long lasting corrosion resistance to metals operating in harsh environments. These systems cut costs by reducing downtime, extending service life, and slowing part wear.

Protects Metal Against:

  • Atmospheric corrosion
  • Erosion
  • Cathodic corrosion
  • Pitting
  • Salt spray
  • Wear
  • Thermal oxidation

Alseal is a registered trademark of CFI (Coatings for Industry)
Ceral is a registered trademark of Ceral USA
Sermagard is a registered trademark of Praxair Surface Technologies

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