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Diverter Valve Sticking Problems for Plastics Manufacturer - Powder Coating Texas - SW Impreglon - Tradename Coatings

INDUSTRY: Plastics Manufacturing and Processing

APPLICATION: 6.0″ Diverter Valve (plug style) 45 deg. Flo-seal Model FTDPV-60


Plastics ManufacturerA Major manufacturer and processor of plastics was experiencing binding problems on diverter valves used in their plastics processing operation. Plastic pellets were being blown down into hoppers and the fine dust residue from the pellets was packing between the diverter valve body and rotating plug used to flow the product from the hoppers. The plastic polymer dust would bind up the valve and would have to be broken apart and cleaned once a week by blowing air through a small tube in and around internals to free it up. If the weekly breakdown and cleaning were not done, the unit would completely seize-up and bind within four to six ( 4-6 ) weeks.

SOLUTION: Impreglon 965

Impreglon 965 was applied to the internals of the diverter valve housing and to all surfaces of the plug. The unit was re-assembled and placed back into service. The unit was allowed to operate but with no scheduled weekly cleanings to determine how long the unit would operate before becoming clogged and bound-up. The unit was in service for three ( 3 ) months with no apparent binding at which time it was dis-assembled and inspected. Although packing of the fine dust was observed in the close tolerance areas between the plug and housing, the lubricity and non-stick nature of the coating dis-allowed the particles to adhere and bind-up the diverter plug. The unit was re-assembled and put back in service.


The customer was so satisfied with the results of the coating’s performance, that the coating was specified for all of their diverter valves. The increased productivity and reduced maintenance downtime dramatically improved their bottom line. At the company’s annual awards banquet whereby vendors who have solved significant problems are recognized, Southwest Impreglon and its sales representatives were honored with such an award.