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Flash Drum - Powder Coating Texas - SW Impreglon - Tradename Coatings

INDUSTRY: Chemical Processing

APPLICATION: Coating of Chemical Flash Drums


A major chemical processing plant was experiencing severe corrosion on carbon steel flash drums resulting from hydrochloric and hydrofluoric acids. The rate of corrosion was approximately 20 mils per week. The temperatures inside the drums ranged from ambient to 100 deg F. The acids were corroding the inside of the drum and causing leaks. Due to these leaks the drums were only lasting in service for approximately 4-6 months.

SOLUTION: Impreglon 216

The solution to this problem came when Southwest Impreglon’s technical staff recommended the Impreglon 216. The Impreglon 216 coating was applied @ 30-40 mils thick per side, creating a non porous film, to the ID of the drum. The coating was then spark tested @ 3000 volts DC to check for pinholes. As an added benefit Southwest Impreglon also recommended coating the outside of the drum with a 3 coat epoxy paint system consisting of a zinc base coat, an epoxy mid coat and a urethane topcoat


With the addition of the Impreglon 216 coating on the ID of the drum and the 3 coat epoxy system on the exterior of the drum the parts that had previously only lasted 4-6 months in service now have a life span of about 5 years. The customer was so happy with this system that they are currently evaluating additional parts for this coating system.