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Impreglon Coated Venturi Inlet Finds New Life - Powder Coating Texas - SW Impreglon - Tradename Coatings

INDUSTRY: Chemical Processing

APPLICATION: Venturi Inlet


Venturi InletA Major chemical processing plant was experiencing problems with its venturi inlets. The venturies were part of an exhaust duct system used in the removal of chlorine from a gaseous stream. The venturies measured approximately 8′ in diameter and about 3′ tall.

Although the venturies were made of stainless steel, they only lasted about 8 months in service. Chlorine gas would react with moisture in the air to produce hydrochloric and hypochlorous acids which would attack and corrode the venturies.

Other alternative materials of construction were considered, including fiberglass. However fiberglass had also previously been used and was found to have its own problems. The fiberglass would begin to deteriorate and begin leaking. There was also the concern as to the material being too fragile and expensive to maintain.

SOLUTION: Impreglon 216

The Solution to the problem came when Impreglon engineers recommended the application of their Impreglon 216 coating. The coating was applied (20-30) mils thick to all the internal wetted surface areas of the venturi and then holiday spark-tested @ 5,000 volts D.C. The coated venturi was then placed into service.


The coated venturi has been in continual service since installation with the exception of inspections during regularly scheduled maintenance shut-downs. Since the initial installation date, and almost 2 1/2 years later, the venturi is still in service and performing trouble free.