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Impreglon Eliminates Drip Pan Problems - Powder Coating Texas - SW Impreglon - Tradename Coatings

INDUSTRY: Chemical Processing

APPLICATION: Chemical Drip Pans & Piping


A major chemical processing plant was having problems with its chemical drip pans and steel piping. The plant is involved in the manufacturing of a variety of petroleum products.

One such product produced by reacting petroleum distillates with oleum, an extremely corrosive solution of free sulfur trioxide (SO3)in anhydrous concentrated sulfuric acid (H2SO4).

The spent acid from the sulfonation process was a heavy oily liquid containing up to 95% anhydrous H2SO4 and was corroding away the piping and chemical drip pans used in transferring the acid to storage tanks.

Of particular concern were the problems that developed when the leaks started developing around the flanges and sulfuric acid began to drip. Although made from high performance alloys, the acid was attacking the alloy after being in service for less than one year. Not only from the standpoint of safety, but also the environmental impact, this was unacceptable.

SOLUTION: Impreglon 216

The solution to the problem came when Southwest Impreglon, Inc. recommended the application of its Impreglon 216 coating. The coating was applied to all the internal wetted surface areas of the piping and chemical drip pans. The coating was applied (20-30) mils thick and holiday spark tested @ 5000 volts D.C. to certify that there was no pinhole porosity in the coating. Both the coated piping and drip pans were installed and put back into service.


Both the piping and drip pans were inspected one year later at the regularly scheduled maintenance. Neither the piping or the drip pans showed any signs of corrosion. As of this date, and almost 2 years later, the equipment is stillin service with little or no signs of corrosion. Since that time, the customer has specified for all the drip pans and associated piping to be coated with Impreglon 216.