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Specialized Coatings - Oil & Gas Industry-Houston TX-SW Impreglon

Oil & Gas

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Specialized Coatings – Oil & Gas Industry

Specialized Coatings – Oil & Gas Industry: Onshore and offshore oil & gas drilling and production creates arguably some of the most cruel tests for exposed metals. The lessons we learned as a result of this hard-won experience now gives our customers – in every industry – a profound process knowledge and coating expertise.

At Southwest Impreglon, we know how destructive friction and wear can be on expensive and critical drilling and production equipment. Especially when it’s subjected to pressure and caustic environments. Even relatively light-duty equipment needs more than a little protection around sour gas.

Deep water or land based, Southwest Impreglon engineers work with you to determine the right coating, whether that is our anti-galling, corrosion control, or TSA coatings – for your specific application.

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