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Specialized Coatings - Plastics & Molding - Houston Texas

Specialized Coatings – Plastics & Molding

Specialized Coatings – Plastics & Molding: In the past, production engineers solved sticking and release problems with mold sprays. Today, Southwest Impreglon process coatings eliminate temporary sprays, the time it takes to apply them, and the clean up. Manufacturers and fabricators see increased production rates from 10% to 50% – sometimes recovering the coating costs in a single production run.

With the help of Southwest Impreglon engineers, manufacturers and fabricators now have access to a wide variety of coating processes with proven nonstick release characteristics as well as coatings for non-metallics. The result? Faster and cleaner product release, improved fill characteristics, lower injection pressures, and reduced flash especially on deep, thin-walled items.

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