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Power Generation

Gas Turbine & Wind Power Solutions

Specialized Coatings – Power Generation

Specialized Coatings – Power Generation: In Gas & Steam Turbine equipment, high temperatures are the rule – not the exception. Even the most robust metals can corrode, oxidize, fatigue, and lose their strength-related properties.

The answers lie in our high-temperature, oxidation resistant, and lubricious coatings. With excellent high-temperature stability, flexibility, and excellent adhesion, our coatings are blended to perform. In addition, our dry-film lubricants can operate up to 1,500 degrees F to offer an extremely low coefficient of friction and superior anti-sieze benefits. Learn more about our Extreme Temperature Coatings.

A another major coating for the power generation market is Aluminum Slurry Coatings.  Southwest Impreglon applies Sermagard® aluminum ceramic coating systems to provide long lasting corrosion resistance to metals operating in harsh environments.

Southwest Impreglon engineers can advise you on which coatings and/or processes best suit your rotating equipment application.

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