Polyarylether Ketone Coatings (PEEK and PEKK)

Polyaryletherketone polymers are the family of resins which include PEEK, PEK, PEKEKK, and PEKK. Of these resins only PEEK and PEKK are available in coating form. Southwest Impreglon processes resins from all the major vendors of PAEK, including VICTREX VICOTE® PEEK, SOLVAY KETASPIRE® PEEK and ARKEMA KEPSTAN® PEKK.

An increasing number of industrially based applications require PAEK polymer coatings due to the continuing need for excellent wear and friction properties, high continuous operating temperature, and outstanding chemical resistance.

PAEK thermoplastic is widely regarded as having the very best combination of properties for harsh environments. Both thick and thin film layers are achieved by the use of either electrostatic or dispersion spray coating techniques.

Applied electrostatically, PAEK polymer is used to form thick film coating layers (15-60 mils thick) which are durable, impact resistant and pinhole free. PAEK polymer’s excellent fatigue resistance and general mechanical properties have been shown to outperform fluoropolymers, while the chemical resistance is vastly superior to metal components for such applications. The coating may also be machined after coating for those applications which require close tolerances.

Applied in liquid dispersion form, PAEK polymer is used to form thin-film coating layers (1.0-1.5 mils thick) on complex metal parts. Film thicknesses of (2.0-3.0) mils and higher have successfully been achieved by applying multiple coats of PAEK with curing cycles between coats.

PAEK dispersion coatings are also formulated with the addition of other polymers or additives which further improve or incorporate certain desired characteristics. The addition of other polymers or additives into PEEK dispersions, their combinations, as well as their respective loading levels, may be adjusted until optimized for a particular end-use application.

Although PAEK coatings are available in specially formulated blends; PAEK coatings applied in the un-altered or virgin form possess the following properties:

  • Abrasion Resistance
  • Heat Resistance
  • Chemical Inertness
  • Hydrolysis Resistance
  • Dielectric Properties
  • Acceptable for Food Contact
  • Flammability

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