Case Studies

Flash Drum

A major chemical processing plant was experiencing severe corrosion on carbon steel flash drums resulting from hydrochloric and hydrofluoric acids. The rate of corrosion was approximately 20 mils per week.

Impreglon Eliminates Drip Pan Problems

A major chemical processing plant was having problems with its chemical drip pans and steel piping. The plant is involved in the manufacturing of a variety of petroleum products. The spent acid from the sulfonation process was corroding away the piping and chemical drip pans used in transferring the acid to storage tanks.

Impreglon Coated Filter Housing Survives the Acid Test

A major chemical processing plant was experiencing problems with its filter housings and associated piping used in the manufacturing of zirconium. Hydrochloric and hypochlorous acids were formed that eventually corroded the steel pipe and filter housing beyond the point of structural integrity.

Impreglon Coated Venturi Inlet Finds New Life

A Major chemical processing plant was experiencing problems with its venturi inlets. The venturies were part of an exhaust duct system used in the removal of chlorine from a gaseous stream. The venturies measured approximately 8′ in diameter and about 3′ tall.

Diverter Valve Sticking Problems for Plastics Manufacturer

A Major manufacturer and processor of plastics was experiencing binding problems on diverter valves used in their plastics processing operation. The plastic polymer dust would bind up the valve and would have to be broken apart and cleaned once a week by blowing air through a small tube in and around internals to free it up.

Paraffin Wax Operation

A major manufacturer and processor of paraffin wax was experiencing release problems on his conveyor lines in the processing of paraffin. Hot liquid paraffin being poured into stainless steel pans and conveyorized into chilling rooms for cooling were sticking to the pans rather than releasing after exiting the chilling rooms.

Blower Wheel Keeps on Blowing

A major pigment processing plant was experiencing severe corrosion problems with its blower wheels. Because of corrosion, the blower wheels became problematic after only one to two months of use and had to be removed by maintenance personnel.

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