Southwest Impreglon offers Aerocote© 3, a heavy Zinc Phosphating compound.

It is an immersion coating containing a selected combination of acidic metal salts, activators and modifiers that produce fine dense crystalline coatings on ferrous metals. The resulting gray to black finish is an integral part of the metal surface. Coating Weight: 1500 to 3000 mg/ft2 (16.2 to 32.3 g/m2).

Aerocote© 3 is a hybrid formulation that contains Manganese to enhance product performance on wear surfaces. This can be applied to virtually any ferrous metal component (sub-sea parts, tubular goods, threaded components, valves, fasteners, connectors, etc). A post-treatment of rust protection oil or fluoropolymer topcoat is recommended.

Chemetall Aerocote© 3

Aerocote© 3 is a registered trademark of Chemetall.

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