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What Makes Southwest Impreglon Unique

As one of Houston’s top providers of industrial and commercial protective coatings, we are committed to providing a number of additional services for your benefit. Whether you need to rent an overhead crane or take advantage of our span of machining services, you can count on our team to help you save money from start to finish.

Not sure what you’re looking for? Send us a message for more information about our capabilities to determine if your particular application can benefit from Southwest Impreglon’s services.

55-Ton Overhead Crane

Take advantage of our overhead crane equipped to handle up to 50 tons of heavy, oversized objects in your industrial warehouse or business.

30-Ton Overhead Crane

Transport bulky or heavy loads around your industrial warehouse with our overhead crane capable of handling up to 30 tons of material.

Over 30 High-Temperature Ovens

Use our industrial-sized ovens, designed with an inside dimension of 12’Wx12’Hx42’L and capable of heating up to 850°F

On-Site Metallurgical Lab

Test the quality and reliability of your industrial products with an in-depth analysis of each metal component in our on-site laboratory.

Machining and Grinding Services

Complete your project and meet your specifications with our high-quality machining and grinding services.

Zinc Phosphate Tanks

Protect your metal frames with a pretreatment process that uses zinc phosphate to guard against corrosion.

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