Halar® ECTFE

Halar® ECTFE

Halar® ECTFE is a product of Solvay Solexis. It is melt processable fluoropolymer that provides excellent chemical and permeation resistance from cryogenic to 150oC.

Halar is used extensively in chemical and pharmaceutical processes, semiconductor fabs, refineries, power plants as well as for many other different applications in contact with highly corrosive or ultra-pure chemicals.

Characteristics of Halar Coatings:

  • High coating hardness
  • Good adhesion to substrate
  • Exceptional surface smoothness
  • Excellent barriers properties
  • Low permeation
  • Low wettability/moderate release
  • Chars instead of burning
  • Good dielectric properties

Our Selection of Halar Coatings Include:

  • 6014 – Clear top coat
  • 6614 – Green primer
  • 6914 – Gray primer
  • 9414 – Primless off-white
  • 3404 DA – Primerless, off-white, food contact compliance
  • XPH 832 – Anti Static/electrostatic dissipative
  • XPH 740 – Slurry coating for low thermal mass parts

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