Arc Wire Spray (TSA)

Arc Wire Spray

Twin Wire Arc Spray – Thermal Spray Aluminum – TSA Coatings

Arc Spray (also known as metalizing or thermal spray aluminum, or TSA) is the most productive and economical of all thermal spray coating systems. There are many materials available to meet most customer requirements. Southwest Impreglon offers twin arc spray coatings, including thermal spray aluminum (TSA) for a range of applications.

Due to its proven history to prevent corrosion for up to 30 years, TSA coatings are used extensively in offshore oil and gas applications in both splash zone and subsea environments. Additionally, TSA coatings find use in high-temperature environments, which require long-term oxidative and corrosion protection.

Proven Benefits of Our Arc Sprays

Low Maintenance

Excellent Adhesion

Extensive Service Life

Resistant to Physical Damage

Operating Temperature: 50° F – 1000°F


Understanding Twin Arc Sprays

Southwest Impreglon is proud to offer twin arc sprays. This spraying process is the result of two conductive materials that are charged with opposing polarity and are fed into an arc gun at the same speed. When the tips of the wires meet, melt, and become molten, air atomizes the molten material and forms the coating.

This flame spray process has continued to protect a number of different equipment and machinery for long periods of time.

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