Southwest Impreglon Incorporated is a specialized coating facility providing industries with proprietary and tradename coatings.

Incorporated as Southwest Impreglon in 1975, we perfected our coating processes and systems in the harshest, most demanding petrochemical environments. Onshore and offshore, oil & gas, drilling and production creates arguably some of the cruelest tests for exposed metals. The lessons we learned as a result of this hard-won experience now allows us to share with our customers, in every industry, a profound process knowledge and coating expertise.

Why Impreglon? We have a simple answer. Impreglon works. More than our line of proprietary metal-impregnating processes, more than the over 200 substrate coatings – our company works hard – for whatever your job demands. Whatever your schedule dictates, whatever your specifications call for. The company you choose does make the difference.

Contact us at the design phase of your next project. We can save you time and money. Our engineering professionalism, price and on-time delivery will make Impreglon the company you choose.

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