SW Impreglon Will Be Exhibiting at Turbomachinery and Pump Symposia

43nd Turbomachinery and 30th Pump Symposia September 23-25 in the George R Brown Convention Center, Houston TX booth 2017. Southwest Impreglon will be highlighting several coating technologies for turbines, reciprocating equipment, and pumps.   In particular, Impreglon 809 , Impreglon 807 Blue, Xylan®, Impreglon 445  and polyurethane coatings will be featured.

Southwest Impreglon applies proprietary Impreglon 809 aluminum-ceramic thin film coatings aluminum to provide long lasting corrosion resistance to metals operating in harsh environments up to 1200oF.  The coating system cuts costs by reducing downtime, extending service life, and slowing part wear.  This coating is especially good for extending the service life and operating efficiency of turbine blades and vanes.  Southwest Impreglon also applies Praxair SermaGard® and Alseal aluminum-ceramic coatings.

Impreglon 807 Blue is a multi-layer systems consisting of an aluminum rich base coat, epoxy/phenolic mid-coats, and fluoropolymer top coats.  The coating provides a hard, abrasion resistant, corrosion, and chemical resistant, non-stick film that offers excellent performance up to 400oF.

Xylan® are fluoropolymer-based coatings that are formulated to prevent galling, provide lubricity, improve corrosion resistance, as well providing different colors.   Southwest Impreglon applies  numerous Xylan® coating as dry-film lubricant; however they also have many desirable secondary properties.  Xylan coatings can work under heavy loads, up to 500oF, in corrosive chemical environments, and combinations thereof.

Impreglon 445 is an epoxy coating designed to corrosive environments in the oil and gas industry.  Typical applications include sucker rods, valves, pumps, and brine water treatment and handling equipment.

Polyurethane coating are exceptional for abrasion resistance and impact resistance.  Polyurethane are often coated into pump internals to reduce the damage due to cavitation and abrasion due to pumping slurries.  Polyurethanes coatings provide a seamless alternative to rubber linings often with better service life.

Southwest Impreglon applies functional coatings for oil and gas, power generation, and chemical industries.  We apply over 300 coating systems including Xylan, Teflon, Sermagard, TSA, and Halar.  Company was founded in 1975, operates on 12 acres, and processes parts within 80,000 square feet of manufacturing space in Humble TX.

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