Southwest Impreglon will be an Exhibitor at the Coating Society of Houston Tradeshow

SW Impreglon Will Be Exhibiting at Turbomachinery and Pump Symposia

SW Impreglon Will Be Exhibiting at Turbomachinery and Pump Symposia

43nd Turbomachinery and 30th Pump Symposia September 23-25 in the George R Brown Convention Center, Houston TX booth 2017. Southwest Impreglon will be highlighting several coating technologies for turbines, reciprocating equipment, and pumps.   In particular, Impreglon 809 , Impreglon 807 Blue, Xylan®, Impreglon 445  and polyurethane coatings will be featured.

Southwest Impreglon applies proprietary Impreglon 809 aluminum-ceramic thin film coatings aluminum to provide long lasting corrosion resistance to metals operating in harsh environments up to 1200oF.  The coating system cuts costs by reducing downtime, extending service life, and slowing part wear.  This coating is especially good for extending the service life and operating efficiency of turbine blades and vanes.  Southwest Impreglon also applies Praxair SermaGard® and Alseal aluminum-ceramic coatings.

Impreglon 807 Blue is a multi-layer systems consisting of an aluminum rich base coat, epoxy/phenolic mid-coats, and fluoropolymer top coats.  The coating provides a hard, abrasion resistant, corrosion, and chemical resistant, non-stick film that offers excellent performance up to 400oF.

Xylan® are fluoropolymer-based coatings that are formulated to prevent galling, provide lubricity, improve corrosion resistance, as well providing different colors.   Southwest Impreglon applies  numerous Xylan® coating as dry-film lubricant; however they also have many desirable secondary properties.  Xylan coatings can work under heavy loads, up to 500oF, in corrosive chemical environments, and combinations thereof.

Impreglon 445 is an epoxy coating designed to corrosive environments in the oil and gas industry.  Typical applications include sucker rods, valves, pumps, and brine water treatment and handling equipment.

Polyurethane coating are exceptional for abrasion resistance and impact resistance.  Polyurethane are often coated into pump internals to reduce the damage due to cavitation and abrasion due to pumping slurries.  Polyurethanes coatings provide a seamless alternative to rubber linings often with better service life.

Southwest Impreglon applies functional coatings for oil and gas, power generation, and chemical industries.  We apply over 300 coating systems including Xylan, Teflon, Sermagard, TSA, and Halar.  Company was founded in 1975, operates on 12 acres, and processes parts within 80,000 square feet of manufacturing space in Humble TX.

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Southwest Impreglon recently completed construction of its third production facility in November 2013. This 20,000 sf expansion increases our total production areas to over 70,000 sf. Southwest Impreglon now occupies 3 buildings on 20 acres of land. This latest expansion gives Southwest Impreglon a competitive advantage in the Thermal Sprayed Aluminum (TSA) and Industrial Painting markets.


The blast room, paint booths, thermal spray booth, and curing oven are all large, drive-in type pieces of equipment. Parts handling is accomplished via large forklifts and a 30 ton overhead crane.

In addition to Building 3 offerings, Southwest Impreglon’s other facilities continue to offer coating systems for small-to-large parts to solve the problems of friction, corrosion, wear and abrasion. Over 300 different coatings are offered from trade name coatings to our own proprietary systems.




Southwest Impreglon, Inc. has increased it’s production capacities for Thermal Spray Aluminum (TSA) coatings. These sacrificial coatings provide much better corrosion resistance than paints and galvanizing. The advantages of TSA include: long term durability and protection even with a porous or breached coating, and the ability to quickly coat large parts.
Southwest Impreglon uses the “twin wire arc” method which sprays atomized molten aluminum onto a metal substrate to produce coatings which are typically 0.006” to 0.010” thick. This method offers exceptional coating bond strength.

In addition to sub-sea and marine applications, TSA is often used for corrosion protection in petrochemical plants as a solution to “corrosion under insulation” (CUI) attack. These aluminum coatings offer protection for aggressive environments containing oxygen and sulfur. These corrosive effects are enhanced for processes operating at high temperatures, leading to a faster degradation of mechanical components. TSA coatings can be used up to 1000oF.

Applications in Oil & Gas and Petrochemical Industries are:

Flare stacks
Subsea trees
Suction piles
Choke and kill lines

Contact your Southwest Impreglon, Inc. representative for more information about TSA coatings and our capabilities.

Southwest Impreglon Expands its line of VICTREX PEEK Coatings

Southwest Impreglon Expands its line of VICTREX PEEK Coatings

Southwest Impreglon Expands its line of VICTREX PEEK Coatings

Southwest Impreglon has expanded its line of VICTREX PEEK-based coating systems to include thin-film dispersion formulations. Previously, VICTREX PEEK, a semi-crystalline thermoplastic and member of the polyaryletherketone (PAEK) family, was only available for application as a thick film layer of (15-25) mils.

peek-polymer-coatingsVICTREX PEEK-based coatings are durable, impact resistant and pin-hole free with outstanding chemical resistance with a continuous operating temperature of (500F(260C), UL746). The new dispersion formulations now allow for VICTREX PEEK polymer to be applied in thinner coating layers of (1.0-1.5) mils thick, while lending themselves for application on more complex metal parts with closer dimensional tolerance.

When asked how these coatings compare to fluoropolymer coatings of similar film thickness, George Butler, principal and chemist for Impreglon said “All end-use applications are different, but VICTREX PEEK polymer’s excellent fatigue resistance and general mechanical properties have been shown to outperform fluoropolymers, while the chemical resistance is vastly superior to metal components for such applications. And since we are able to formulate VICTREX PEEK with other polymers and additives, we can further improve or incorporate certain desired characteristics for our customer’s end-use applications. We have at least seven specially formulated blends that we are currently applying and the number continues to grow as we find new applications and develop new formulations to meet our customer’s needs.”

VICTREX PEEK-based coating systems currently being applied by Southwest Impreglon are shown in the chart above.

For more information on the unique properties of VICTREX PEEK-based polymer coatings, please contact your Impreglon representative.